5 Tips for Working Out at Home

5 Tips for Working Out at Home

To be honest, I have never been a fan of working out at home. For me it seems like a hard task. With the kids running around and climbing on me, I end up far from productive. Over the past few months however, the gyms have been closed due to Covid-19. I have had to improvise and learn to workout at home. Here are 5 tips for working out at home.

Start Early!

Imagine as if you are getting up early to hit the gym, only this time the gym is only a few steps away! There are many advantages to getting your workout in early. Here are a few reasons to get up early and start your workout:

  • You are more likely to have fewer distractions.
  • More energy, as you are fresh out of bed.
  • If you live in a warmer climate, you get to beat the heat!
  • May help you make healthier food choices throughout the day.
  • You get to mark workout off your daily “To Do” list.

As if those reasons aren’t enough, working out in the morning may lead to an improved mental state, better sleep, and even improved focus. Wow! Be sure to get the morning workout in.

Dress for the Gym

Do yourself a big favor here and set the mood. Put on a pair of gym clothes, not only will you be more comfortable but it will help you prepare mentally. Your favorite pair of leggings and a sports bra might be the motivation you need to push through an intense morning workout. Some of my personal favorite brands for workout apparel include: BuffBunny, Gymshark, and Rebok. BuffBunny is a brand focused on empowering women, and their clothing does exactly that. Put on any BuffBunny collection and you are guaranteed to feel like a goddess. So make sure you dress for the part, or you may end up not taking your workout seriously.


No gym equipment? No problem there! You can easily use what you have around the house. From gallons of water to a tire, you can turn almost any household object that fits the part into “gym equipment”. Check out some DIY videos on YouTube or Pinterest for some awesome and inspiring ideas. Here are 21 DIY Gym Equipment Projects. Maybe you have a few items, a set of dumbbells and a resistance band. Even an entire set of resistance bands, perfect! That is really all you need to get a great workout in. Not interested in any equipment? There are tons of workouts that require no equipment at all. When it comes to working out, there are so many options. Be sure to find one that works for you.

Plan Your Workout

For me this is a big one. Maybe the night before or a few minutes before my workout in the morning I make a plan. For me A plan helps me cut down on distractions during my workout. It is very easy to grab your phone to look up more moves and easily fall down the Facebook rabbit hole. Plan a mini warm up before your workout and what you plan to work. Here is an example of todays workout:

  • Warm up- leg curl into a squat 1 minute total
  • Lunges x 12 each side
  • Deadlift using 10 lb dumbbells x 12
  • Glute bridges x 12 with light glute band or mini band
  • Glute bridges x 12 with light glute band or mini band

Repeat for a total of 3 times. You should feel the burn by the end. Be sure to rest in between the 3 sets and be sure to drink plenty of water. This is part of my regular workout.

Before starting any new workout be sure to consult with your health care provider. If during your workout you feel you are having a medical emergency, always call 911.

Go to the Web

If you are new to working out or if you just want to switch things up, YouTube and Pinterest are the perfect place to start! Part of my workout planning process often involves YouTube or Pinterest. I love the wide variety of workouts you can find. If you don’t find what you are looking for there, you can check out the Gymskark app or even sign but for Beach Body on demand. No matter where  you look online, you are sure to find a workout you can customize.

Hope you have found my 5 tips to working out at home useful. Be sure to share and subscribe to our newsletter.

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  1. Lexi

    Great post! I’m not a mama, but struggle with working out from home. Super helpful tips!

  2. Tambra Thayer

    Cute workout outfit! Great tips, been getting up so early lately, you have inspired me to workout.

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