Handmade and one of a kind Faux leather bows, earrings and more!

One day not too long ago, I was laying in bed thinking about bows for my baby girl Alice. I suddenly had a thought, “what if I made bows for her!” So the next day I ordered my materials, when they arrived I got to work on bows right away. I suddenly fell in love with making bows and it quickly turned into so much more than I had originally planned for.

Now just a few short weeks later, I am releasing my second drop of bows and other boutique items such as faux leather earrings and other items. All St. Patrick’s day themed. Now I have so much planned for this year! I can’t wait to show everyone what is to come.

If you ever have a dream of starting something, what is stopping you? If you never start, you my never find out how great it could have been!

A big huge thank you to everyone who has helped me by purchasing my handmade items and supporting my dream!

Until my small shop grows more, I’ll be using the Rosie Posie Bowtique tab on this website as my shop.

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